Love Is In The Air

Teaching my junior high class is really great for my ego. Seriously, how could you not feel good when you have boys (read: plural with an S) professing their love for you on a daily basis.

In the middle of asking a question such as “What two parts does every sentence have?”, I get answers like, Naming Part and.. and.. Oh, Teacher, you are so beautiful and pretty and.. and.. beautiful. (Due to their limited vocabulary, they run out of adjectives pretty quickly.)


What is the answer to #3? Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit walk on the _______? (The answer is floor. But some of the students mispronounce it and say “flower” instead.)

which then inspires…

Teacher! You are a flower. I like flowers. You are a big, pretty flower.

Then after class, three or four of the these boys, especially the ones not from my class, will come up to me and push and shove each other to the front and shout at me, “Teacher Teacher, he love you. He think you pretty.”

Oh really? Why, thank you. But if the subject is he, what do the verbs love and think need? That’s right, S!

Remember fellas, if you want to impress a girl, proper grammar is very important.

Fun Fact: Middle school boys, especially my seventh graders, are a lot more touchy-feely than what I remembered when I was in 7th grade in the States. They will hold hands in class (to be funny or mock me) and hug on each other or put their legs on top of each other. Not in a gross way, but in friendly camaraderie, like it’s perfectly okay LIKE when girls do it all the time. Hey, if girls can do it, then heck, why not boys?

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