Just Roll With The Punches

After the past few days, I’m feeling much better. Whew. I haven’t gotten the flu in so many years. I was pretty on top of getting vaccines in college so it had been awhile. It doesn’t make it any funner though. Anyways, today, my strength and appetitie returned, so I was able to get out and get some air.

Michael & I went walking through the park by the river, and we stopped by a multicultural soccer game. We watched for a few minutes, and then out of nowhere, a kick went sour, and a guy threw a punch at a small Asian guy and clocked him in the face. We sat there in shock. The teammates started gathering and pulling punching-guy back while the guy that got punched just kind of stood there looking at punching-guy. Then it was over. Punching-guy was thrown out of the game, and as he was walking off the field, the guy that got punched went over and grabbed his hand in an attempted handshake.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Can someone explain the thinking behind this from a guy perspective or even from an Asian guy’s perspective? Why didn’t Asian guy do something? Besides the fact that the other guy looked mean and was considerably bigger than him. Come on, small Asian guy, be assertive! Why didn’t his teammates do anything either? Where’s the brotherhood? And why shake his hand afterwards, as in a “Thanks for that because I totally deserved that hit in the face”?

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