Flu Schmoo

I’m sick with flu-like symptoms. Is it the piggy flu? I don’t know. What I do know is that it makes me want to stay in bed all day, which is exactly what I have been doing. I’ve had many students miss class with H1N1, but we’ve been taking precautions about it. Anytime a kid sneezes or coughs, they immediately have to wear face masks. The Chinese teachers takes every single kid’s temperature and spray their hands with alcohol at the start of every class. There’s even a 235 rule where if two kids get sick with H1N1 in three days, classes are closed for five days. I’ve been so germophobic lately as well. I went and got the flu vaccine last Thursday too.

But no, despite it all, I’ve spent the past 24 hours in bed writhing with chills and fever and aches.

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