Always Keep Your Receipts


Fun Fact: Most of the time, when you buy something, you get a receipt. Most people throw them away. In Taiwan, you keep your receipts because they are cash money lottery tickets. Every two months, the government releases six numbers, and you can match the number at the top of the receipt to their numbers. There are three grand prize numbers for $200,000NT ($6,200USD), and the other three numbers you can match the last 3,4,5,6,7, or all the numbers to win different amounts of prize money. Then you take the receipt and your ID to any post office to collect the money. You can also donate your receipts to different organizations or homeless people so they have a chance to win.

This baby won me $200NT ($6.00USD), and it was a receipt for $80NT ($2.50USD). Not too shabby.

9 thoughts on “Always Keep Your Receipts

  1. Oh, wow! Great info! I’m planning to travel to Taiwan next year, even might try to find a job and stay longer. I need info like this. I’ll check out your blog regularly 🙂

  2. It’s probably b/c there are no trash cans for the receipts and they want u to hold onto them instead of throwing them away, haha

  3. I had heard the government does it because it helps them collect taxes, too.

    Don’t know if it works for them, but whatever! Good luck to you! And when you win the NT$2000000, you should send me MORE hi-chews! Or better yet, come visit! Or buy me a plane ticket so I can come visit! But not both, because a plane ticket is a sizable fraction of NT$2000000.

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