We Are Family

One of the main reasons why I made this 10-day trip back to the States was to attend one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. Two of my dear friends got married, and then they’re taking a 10-month trip around the world to visit 32 countries. If that’s not a honeymoon, then I don’t know what is.

The wedding was at this absolutely gorgeous place called the Manor in West Orange, NJ. All of their closest family and friends were there, and I think that’s what makes celebrations like these most special. It’s really not so much about the place (which was breathtaking), the food (which was to die for), or the open bar (although it was an afternoon reception, and I didn’t take advantage of it one bit), but it’s about the overwhelming love and support at these things that make it truly beautiful.

During my trip, I was able to see all of my closest friends from college and high school and family. The wedding was filled with my closest college friends flown in from all parts of the States for a mini Vanderbilt reunion.

My 10-day mini-vacation consisted of me staying with the parents in Nashville for a week. Then I flew to Philadelphia on Wednesday to stay with the bride. The next day, we drove to New Jersey suburbia to stay with the maid of honor for the bachelorette party. Friday, we all drove to West Orange for the rehearsal dinner. We stayed in the hotel that night and woke up bright and early for the wedding. Saturday night, after the reception, I drove into NY with a friend to see the last of my Snap and flew from JFK Sunday morning at 10am.

(The Snap is my group of high school girlfriends. There are five of us. One of them, Jennifer, came and lived with me in Taiwan for the past year. Two of them drove into Nashville for the weekend to see me. I had dinner with the fourth one who lives in NY on Saturday night.)

I couldn’t have been happier. Well. If Michael could have come with me to meet everyone, then my life would have been complete.

4 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. You came from Taiwan, now we must return the favor! Miss you so much already, and thank you for the blog post and everything at the wedding and everything else. See you soon!

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