TW -> HK -> LA -> DFW -> Nashville

nashville sky

Four connecting flights and 27 hours later, I’m back in Nashville. My mom picked me up at the airport. She looked so tiny standing at the exit. My parents moved last December, so it was a bit strange driving home. I had no idea where we were going. The new house is big and lovely though, even though a bit far away from the city. I went home, showered, and slept for 8 hours.

My first taste of America: Starbursts

My first meal in America: Longhorn Steakhouse – Ribs & Filet with a sweet potato and a Dr. Pepper

steak & ribs

Fun Fact: Another identifying factor of an ABC is to automatically reach for the seatbelt when getting into the backseat of a taxi. Seat belts are not required in Taiwan, only if you’re sitting up front.

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