Cell Phones, Smell Phones

Fun Fact: A lot of people in Taiwan here own multiple phones.

IMG_2895(I am now one of them.) They carry one from every phone service carrier so they can talk for free in-network with friends who are in the same network. It doesn’t cost very much per carrier every month, and it all adds up to about what one would pay, if not less, monthly in the States.

Phone service is not as great as in the States. I miss Verizon and the unlimited nights and weekend minutes. Although the plan cost a bit more every month, it was so useful though with the 400 included minutes, and free long-distance. Here, it even costs more to call a landline from your cell phone. I’ve been using a pay-as-you-go number, and I burn through about $1000NT ($30USD) or more every month cause it’s like $10NT (30 cents) a minute. I don’t even want to know about the text messages.

I recently got two phones (the white version above) for Michael (he got the black one) and me which we can use when he goes off to the army. It makes sense for many reasons: 1) He’s not allowed to take a phone with a camera on it into the army. 2) It’s free in-network so we can talk as much and as often as we want. 3) It’s only $600NT ($18USD) for both phones per month. Not a bad deal at all.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phones, Smell Phones

  1. when i was in china, the text messages were like, cheaper than the phones! we all had pay-as-you-go phones and we all would text rather than talk haha. i dunno if that’s actually true though… cuz you could send like 15 texts when you could have talked like, 1 minute. ….

  2. Samsung and a … Nokia?

    From a technical perspective, texts take up less bandwidth than voice. You also don’t have to worry too much about things like delay and maintaining a constant connection. Wham bam you deliver your small chunk of data (the text) and you’re done.

    How’s the phone going to work when you roam internationally?

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