Hualien 花蓮

We flew out to Hualien on Friday at 12:30pm. We were going to take a train, but everything was booked, and driving was out of the question since the road there is mountainous and cliffside and a little bit dangerous especially after recent landslides. So we flew, and it only took 40 minutes.

hualien plane

We got hooked up because of Michael’s dad’s connections so we stayed at the Parkview Hotel on the top floor in a very nice suite. This was the view from our hotel room.

hotel view

We got in Friday afternoon, and we had a rental car so we drove around the tiny city and along the coast for awhile until Eric and Rena got in.

We had a good seafood dinner that night. The menu was this. Baskets of seafood laid out, and you picked what you wanted to eat. A bit cruel, if I must say so myself.


We also had these really good wontons at this really popular place which only sold one thing for $60NT – this really delicious bowl of wontons.


wonton place

We also went dolphin and whale watching.


We played on the beach. This one in particular, which we drove 40 minutes to get to since most of them were rocky instead of sandy.


Because where there is a line, you just have to get in it to find out where it leads to. We followed the people and got into a line at the 自強 (zi-qiang) night market. We picked out what we wanted, and had to wait 50 minutes while they cooked it to get BBQ skewers from this place.


bbq skewersBUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT.

On the last day, we drove to Taroko Gorge and checked out the awesome scenery. We took a trail and found a pretty waterfall.


group hualien

We were burnt to a crisp by the sun, and we ate so much until we burst. It was a good weekend.

More pics here.

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