Typhoon Morakot

Typhoon Morakot wreaked havoc on southern Taiwan last weekend. Up north, we just got some strong winds and a bit of rain. We didn’t realize that after the three-day weekend, the South took the brunt of it, and the floods took out entire villages causing billions of NT dollars in damages and resulting in many losses of lives and homes.

The inpouring of concern from friends and family in the States was touching. I suppose that even living in the country, I hadn’t realized how bad the typhoon was in Taiwan until messages from afar greatly outnumbered the phone calls of family living in Taipei. (which was zero. because nothing had happened up here.) I hadn’t realized it yet, but media portrayals everywhere have begun their coverage of what they predicted as a devastating typhoon for the South.

I am fine. Taipei is unaffected. But the people in the South really need your help. Since I’m a bit behind with this post, I will link you to Serena’s post which lists lots of ways you can help this cause.

Help Typhoon Morakot’s Victims

Thanks again for the messages and the concern. Please help those who are really in need.

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