One Year Later

Last year, on this day, I walked off that airplane, exhausted but exhilarated at the adventures that lay ahead in Taiwan. In the past year, I have moved my life across the world. I have rented apartments, bought furniture, started up my life again from scratch. I have discovered a whole new world of food and retail here. I’ve been discriminated against and been called an ABC fifty million times (although I’m technically not). I have realized my abilities as a teacher and learned to be much more patient. I’ve visited tons of night markets and eaten so much until I thought I would burst. I’ve been clubbing and bar hopping and drunk myself silly. I have seen history made and celebrated it abroad. I’ve had typhoon days and seen Taipei 101 lit up with fireworks. I’ve stayed in the hospital for ten days due to a raging bacterial infection. I have loved and lost. I’ve gotten my ear pierced again and a (fake) tattoo. I’ve had visits from Alfred and Lily. I’ve met Serena from the blogophere and made many more new friends. And last but not least, I have purchased my own website.

Thank you all for experiencing these adventures with me. I can’t wait to see what more there is to come.


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