Harry Potter Camp

After teaching indifferent high school kids for the past month, I’ve forgotten how nice it was to teach kids again. The way they look at me with adoring eyes as I hold their rapt attention makes me feel on top of the world, and the way they genuinely say “Teacher Tina” is like music to my ears.

Of course, teaching the subject of Harry Potter doesn’t hurt either. It’s Harry Potter camp this week, and we’re doing everything from making robes out of garbage bags to making ice cream (potions). We’re going to attempt to play quidditch (the non-flying kind) and plant magic herbs (bean plants)! It’s a good thing I’m an avid fan. Now I have a way to express my inner nerd. I surprise myself with how much information I can retain from all of the books. Well, I guess reading them each about 45 times didn’t hurt.

This morning was sorting them into their houses (only seven kids, only two houses: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff) and trivia, and later I’m taking them to the park to find wands! Pictures later.

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