During the summer, I’ve been teaching a few high school kids who are home on vacation from Canada. They need extra English help, so they’re taking morning classes with me and another teacher to work on reading comprehension, writing, speaking, etc. On Tuesdays, we get to take them on field trips because the new Neihu-Muzha MRT line recently opened, and it’s right by our school. Last week, we went to the Fine Arts Museum but there wasn’t much to see since they were in transition for exhibits. (The Pixar exhibit starts Aug. 7! We might go back for that.)
Yesterday, I finally convinced them to go to the zoo, so we went and saw the pandas! The weather wasn’t bad; it was cloudy so it wasn’t too hot. But humidity is always a given here. First you had to get a ticket to see the pandas at a certain time. Sometimes, if there is a lot of people, the tickets run out and then you have to miss out. (The pandas are also closed to the public on Mondays.)

Thank goodness there was no line when we finally got to the panda exhibition place. They built this giant indoor/outdoor facility just for these two bears. You could see the setup outside for when the line gets to be quite long and wounds alllll the way down the sidewalk. We walked right in though, zigzagged through the ropes, and then finally got to the glass enclosing. You get about 20 seconds to ooh and aah, take a few pictures, and then the security guards usher you along again. The whole experience takes about 45 seconds. This was all I got to see of the pandas.

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