Beauty, Unquestionably, is Pain

First in the news, I got my ears pierced. Again. A coworker of mine wanted a buddy so I made the spontaneous decision, “Sure, why not?”. And so we went during our lunch break to this cute little shop in an alley by school. It was only $100NT ($3USD), earrings included, and very sanitary and efficient complete with alcohol pads and the earring gun. It was sore for awhile though. I’ve forgotten how much getting nailed with a needle hurts. The last time I got something pierced was my belly button during my freshmen year in college, and that was sore for like 3 weeks.
Speaking of pain, I went and got a wax. It took me ages and ages to find a decent, non-sketchy, and most importantly, sanitary place in Taipei. I finally found this place called Nude Waxing. So for any females who need to know this important information, I highly recommend this place! It’s in an easy-to-find location by the 24-hour Eslite on Dunhua, and the place is clean and soothing with very friendly personnel.

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