Girls Make the World Go Round

I spent the weekend making new girl friends. Don’t act so surprised. I’m fully capable of making girl friends too. It’s just harder here with the language barriers and the cultural differences. And most of the English teachers here are males, if you haven’t noticed.

Friday night, I met up with fellow blogger, Serena. She was already cool just by sharing the same last name, and Wu’s don’t disappoint. We had dinner at Taipei Main at Sababa’s and just talked for an hour or so. I insist on being a good wingman for her, but first we need to solve her curfew situation.
Saturday was Thu Van’s good bye party since she’s leaving Taiwan. We had a great time at Barcode after bowling with one of Michael’s friend and girlfriend. I’ve been doing a lot of bowling lately, even pulled a muscle. That’s hardcore bowling for ya.
I think we’ve finally found another couple to do couple things with. Michael’s friend and his gf are totally awesome, and we’ve gone bowling a few times already and such. The gf and I went out on Sunday for lunch and shopping, and I officially got to hang out and do some girly things with Taiwanese girls. I have to admit, getting to know these girls have changed my perspective on Taiwanese girls a bit. Girls are innately girls; it’s just the cross cultural differences that make it harder to get to know them better especially since girls are already a bit more reserved and conservative than boys. But I’m learning, and who knows, maybe my Chinese will finally get better.

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