Fruit on a tropical island is to die for. Mangoes, guavas, lychees, cherry plums (or what I like to call plerries), peaches, pineapples, watermelons.. oh goodness.

And they make them all into Hi-Chew flavors too. If you have not experienced a Hi-Chew, I suggest you go buy one now at the closest Asian supermarket you can find. And you thought Starbursts were good.

Brother of mine, guess what you’re getting in the mail soon. 🙂

In fact, here is an opportunity to WIN and collect them all. As my first giveaway and an opportunity to hear some feedback/ways to improve, if you leave me a comment in the form of a positive criticism, suggestion, or encouragement, etc. about this blog by Sunday, June 21, then by random drawing, I will send the winner a package filled with these yummy goodies as a thank-you.

If this goes well, this could be the first of many Asian-goodies-giveaways to come.

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