It’s that time of year again – parent-teacher meetings.

This semester was a bit different, as opposed to one-on-one meetings, they decided to do a group meeting. I’ve been kind of dreading it because I can deal with a parent at a time, but a classroom full of parents would be more difficult. Of course, I was told last minute that I had do a presentation on the materials we use, how I run class, and then some Q&A time. So then it became public speaking 101 all over again. I decided I would wing it since I should know this stuff, right. And there’s a reason why we each have a Chinese teacher there to serve as a buffer/translate.

For my second graders, six of the seven students’ parents showed. They each had a stack of their kid’s workbooks and essays in front of them. They flipped through them, I did my spiel, and then they each asked a question about how their kid was doing. The second graders were brought in, and we did a quick example of how we do things in class and to show our interaction. The parents had no more questions, and so it was over. Just like that. I was shocked. The whole thing took 30 minutes, and as the last parent walked out, the Chinese teacher and I exchanged bemused smiles and shrugs as to why it went so efficiently.

The next day was the fifth graders’ turn. Four of the eight parents signed up to come, and only one showed up. I don’t know if by not coming does it mean that the parents feel that they don’t want to waste time meeting with me, or they are so satisfied with their child’s work and progress that they feel that it’s unnecessary. I like to assume the latter. Although I have noticed the trend that the older the students are, the less parents come. I suppose by this age, the kids should be learning to handle their own business now.

One more month until the end of the school year!

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