Dragon Boat Festival Weekend

Four day weekends are the way to live. What’s wrong with having a three-day work week? I bet lots of people would be down with that. Despite the fact that we have to make up Friday’s day off this Saturday.

Wednesday Night: Watched Terminator Salvation. Action was great, Christian Bale was manly, not enough plot. I give it a B-.

Thursday: Jen, Michael, and I went to my grandmother’s house and watched my aunts make zhonzi, which are rice triangles wrapped in bamboo leaves.

We ate a giant lunch and played lots of Blokus and Big 2. Finally, we headed back to our place for a group nap, then ordered pizza and mahjong-ed the night away.

Friday: We got brunch at The Diner, which is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously, they took it and made toast, added bacon, eggs, and a yogurt fruit cup.

They serve breakfast all day and, man, is it really good breakfast foods among other delicious entrees.

Then, we went to see the Dragon Boat Races under the DaZhi Bridge. I think next year, I will sign up to do the race. It looked like it was lots of fun! And I miss being on a team.

Later, we had dinner at Chili’s (Mmm.. it was an all American food day.) and watched Night at the Museum 2, which I give a B for its funny parts and ridiculous cheesiness.

Saturday: Jen & I decided that we were going to go to the zoo to see the pandas, so we take the MRT all the way out there only to find out that the panda tickets were all given out. Since we’ve already been to the zoo, we decided there was no point in paying for admission, so we turned around and went walking around Zhongxiao Fushing instead. Then, dinner with Michael’s grandparents, then night out on the town to meet up with some of Michael’s friends at Champagne 2 and Room 18. Champagne 2 was a really nice lounge bar, and we sat around chatting and ended up playing teams of Blow Cow. Room 18 was so crowded to the point that it hurt to breathe.

Sunday: We went to Jioufen 九份 , and on the way, Michael took us to this beautiful overlook on top of the mountain.

Jioufen was high up in the mountains, and so we climbed about 3000 flights of stairs today. Legs are now toned for the rest of summer.

Jioufen was beautiful, filled with tea shops and was very touristy, and definitely had some good eats. Apparently, all the good places had lines so of course I had to stand in them to find out what the big deal was. These fried shrimp balls were totally worth the wait!

Before we left, we stopped and had tea at this cute little tea house with an amazing view.

More pics here!

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