Poker Face

I went and played in a poker tournament tonight. I did so well that I got 18th place! (Out of 20 people, but that’s a minor detail.)

My boss started this poker thing.
They set up tournaments at this bar, Tone 56, and you can play for free. The goal is to rack up points to win the ultimate grand prize in the end. So instead of a gold bracelet and millions of US dollars as a prize, you get something just as cool like plane tickets or something. Then again, it’s free so you don’t have to throw in thousands of your own money just to participate.

Even though it’s, I repeat, for free, there are still some really hardcore players out there. Poker is poker, regardless there’s money involved or not. One dude was even taking notes, then again he did pretty well so I guess it helped. Maybe next time, I should bring a notebook and do some doodling while I play.

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