Rain Rain Go Away

After a week of b-e-a-utiful weather, the rain clouds came rolling in today, on the day we decided to go to the beach. So instead, we slept in, went in search of breakfast around noon, and went to the LIBRARY. After ten months of being in Taipei, I’ve finally ventured into the Taipei Public Library and got a library card! I’ve finaly realized that I no longer have to buy books for ridiculous prices just to be able to read some English novels. Although, I’m only able to check out five books at a time, compared to 25 in the States.

There was also a giant parade today for a protest demonstration against President Ma and his relations with China. The entire city of Taipei as well as a ton of people from the South were gathered around the Presidential building, and roads were closed off everywhere. There’s a lot of political stuff going on lately, what with the ex-president being in prison and a lot of people disagreeing with the current president’s actions.

Fun Fact: I’ve learned that there are two main colors here in Taiwan. Blue and Green. Blue means you are pro-China, and Green means you are pro-Independence.

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