After watching Bedtime Stories today (which was totally cheesy, but had its funny parts), I was totally craving hamburgers, so for dinner, we went to JB Burger. They had some seriously good burgers. The wait was a bit long, but it was totally worth it. The potato slices were equally as good, and they even had drink choices like ginger ale and Mountain Dew. I had missed Mountain Dew very much, especially with a good hamburger.

There is one thing though.. I’m not sure what the JB stands for, but there’s a sign outside of the restaurant with a quote from the bible. So I’m guessing it stands for.. “Jesus Bread”?

This was the #3 Beef Hamburger. So good!

Address: 仁愛路四段345巷15弄2號 (Ren Ai Road, Sect. 4, Lane 345, Alley 15, No. 2)
Phone No: 02-2775-3027

Fun Fact: They have guava flavored slurpies at 7-11. Totally made my day!

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