I made John, my favorite student, cry the other day.

It was English Activity Day for the fifth graders, and his team didn’t make the required points to participate, so they had to write me a paper first. He hastily wrote one according to my prompt, and expected me to accept it. The paper didn’t make sense, so I told him I wasn’t going to take it. I told him to write another one, and if he had questions on how to do it, I would explain it to him. He just sat there, clutching his book, with tears running down his face. I knew they were tears of frustration because he is not the best student in class and has trouble with comprehension at times, but the fact that he didn’t try nor asked me to explain made me feel unsympathetic. I felt terrible that he was upset, but at the same time, determined that he would learn something out of this be it learning how to write a decent paper or how to ask questions when lost, whether he liked it or not.

On another note, I totally saw Star Trek last night, and it was fricking amazing. Sylar made an amazing Spock. I even understood the whole alternate reality, black holes, time travel, etc. I am totally a nerd, but now I kinda want to watch some Star Trek episodes just to see what happened. I even think Star Trek may be better than Star Wars. Eek!

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