Those Naggers

I put my fifth grade class into 2-person teams to do a group poster project. After about ten minutes, above the classroom commotion, I hear John yell out, ” AH! I don’t like girls!” (Note: his partner is Melody, a girl.)

“What’s going on, John?”

“Girls! They always CHIK, CHIK, CHIK!” (His way of expressing that girls nag. Apparently, Melody had been reprimanding him to use a ruler to make the lines straighter.)

I couldn’t help but laugh, “One day, John, when you find a girlfriend, then you will know.”

“No! I find girl not like this.”

“But I think all girls are like that.”

“I have trust. There will be some. And she will always listen me.”

Boys sure get those crazy ideas sometimes, don’t they? And it starts at such a young age.

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