First Weekend Out

I spent my weekend, post-hospital-stay, eating at Din Tai Fung (official websites here for Taiwan and for the US), playing Cranium Turbo with my coworkers late into the night, and then swimming at the Grand Hotel.

Din Tai Fung is sooo good, and they are famous for their xialongbaos (aka dumplings). We went on a Saturday night, and the line was ridiculous. I’ve never seen that kind of crowd at a restaurant before (and I’ve seen lines for food), but the wait was only 30-40 minutes, and we were seated at a table before we knew it. Totally worth the wait.

Cranium Turbo was fantastic. I’ve missed board games hardcore since I’ve been here. So far, we own Scrabble and Blokus, so when a coworker was having Cranium night, I had to get in on that. When would I ever get the opportunity to try to make a deviled egg out of purple play-doh?

Michael’s family owns a membership to the club at the Grand Hotel, so the swimming pool will be open to us all summer long. I definitely got some sun this Sunday, and I plan on keeping it up. Nothing can be better than lounging by the pool on a warm, breezy, lazy Sunday afternoon underneath some palm trees. Well, maybe a piña colada with a cute little umbrella in it would top it off. It is BYOB anywhere in Taipei anyways, right?

This is the giant pool at the hotel that we lounged and tanned by. (Pictures were taken awhile back.)
View from the hotel

Life has resumed normalcy, and I am doing well. Thank you all for the concern and the well wishes during my little stint. 🙂

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