Day 8

The doctor came by and said that the antibiotics have greatly reduced the amount of bacteria in me, but it’s not entirely gone so that means that I still have to be on antibiotics for few more days. I thought I was going to be able to get out today. He said that we’ll do another test on Tuesday, and if all goes well, I can go home!

With all this free time on my hands, I’ve seen lots of movies. I can’t believe I’ve never seen Remember the Titans. It’s one of those movies where everyone used to talk about it all the time and referenced the soundtrack that I could’ve sworn up and down that I’ve seen it before this week. Anyways, it was a great movie. He’s Just Not That Into You was cheesy but appropriate for the book it was playing. And of course, goodies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Bella helped pass the time too.

Although I do miss watching movies in a theater. I was supposed to go see Fast and the Furious 4 this past week. I also miss wearing clothes that aren’t sweats and a t-shirt. I miss being able to shower with two hands and doing it daily. I miss putting on makeup and getting pretty. I miss riding the bus and being able to buy things. I miss sharing the bathroom with only one other person and not ten others. I even miss my students. This “vacation” has gone on too long. Wish me luck for Tuesday!

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