Health Update

The pathologist came by today due to the continuance of the presence of bacteria after four days of antibiotics. He told me that he will suggest to my primary care doctor to switch antibiotics and take a CT scan to see if there is an anatomical reason for my recurring infections. He seemed a little baffled as to why this bacteria was so resistant.

The primary care doctor came by later and told me that he was moving me up to the next level up of antibiotics. Apparently, there are five levels, and I was taking level 3 and now I’m on level 4. I guess if this level doesn’t work, I’ll have to fight the boss monster next or something. So now I have to be on antibiotics for another 3-4 days, which means I’m staying in the hospital at least until Sunday. Tomorrow, they’re going to inject me with a contrast dye and put me through a CT scan. I’m going to be so colorful. I hope it’s pink.

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