An Ongoing Battle

This Sunday did not turn out the way I expected. I was supposed to wake up to a great Skype date with the girls from home, maybe do some swimming or some hiking, and then a big dinner with Michael’s family.

The Skype date happened, and it was amazing seeing my girls again. But that was it for the plans.

Remember the urinary tract infection I’ve been suffering with for the past month and ended up taking shots for twice a day for five days? Well, it’s not entirely gone. And now I’m laying in a pink hospital bed with a needle in my arm. I have to be on an IV drip with three doses of antibiotics daily for the next three or four days.

My aunt went with me to see the doctor around 2:30pm today because I was not feeling so great. I saw the doctor, got the diagnosis that requires hospital stay, got some lab tests done, and now I’m sharing a room with three other people. The whole process was rather efficient and went very quickly, no wait time at all. (The rooms covered by health insurance are free and with four beds, and two-people beds are an extra $1000 a day.) Since I’m just taking antibiotics via IV, I’m just chilling here with other people. I think of it kind of like camp. (I’ve always wanted to go to summer camp.) Although the meals here are all vegetarian. Bleh.

Michael and Jen brought me my things, so I have Scrabble, my laptop, a Cosmo, a book, and GMAT all at my fingertips. I’m looking at it like I’m on vacation for a few days. However, this is the first time I’ve ever stayed in a hospital or gotten an IV. It’s a bit surreal, but I’m doing ok.

So far, the nurse and the patient’s family in the bed next to mine have asked if I can tutor them in English. I could make some money while I’m here.

5 thoughts on “An Ongoing Battle

  1. hey, vegetarian food? if it’s taipei veterans hospital, they have a pretty good food court, i had to stay there last year. there’s a BK there.

  2. You’re trying to hustle even when you’re in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs?? Hardcore…

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. People have been bringing me food so it cancels out the bland veggies. I’ve given out my phone number for potential nurses for me to tutor. Thanks for the well wishes.

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