I have found a new route to my gym. For most of those who know me probably didn’t know that I own a gym membership because I never go. I blamed it on not having enough time throughout the week, the inconvenient location, and only being able to go after work so I can go straight home and shower.

However, I have finally figure out the solutions to my problems, some of which are quite obvious.

Solution #1) I have my mornings off. I have nothing to do until I go to work at 2:30pm, therefore Eureka! I can go to the gym in the MORNINGS.

Solution #2) The reason I picked this gym because back in October, I was taking an old bus route (the only way I knew at the time AND took 45 minutes for me to get to work), which looked like the gym was on the way home so I could just go after work. But then I started getting off work later and later, and then there was no time to stop by the gym. Then, soon after I signed up, I realized there is a new bus route that I can take which only takes 15 minutes to go to work, but also no longer goes by my gym. Therefore, the only way for me to go to the gym would be to take the same 45-minute bus ride as before (which is such a waste of time). Today, I discovered that the same faster bus I take to work now also goes by my gym a few stops later, and it only took 15 minutes to get there. Amazing.

Solution#3) I get freaked out at the gym with the naked women walking around. They shower, change, and walk around naked. (And it’s not like they’re good-looking, in-shape AND young women. I guess those women don’t have to be at the gym if they already look good.) I’m too modest for that. I still change behind closed doors, much less be able to have the nerve to shower in public. Which is why I could only go to the gym if I could go straight home afterwards. But today, I learned how to shower at the gym, and they had shampoo and body cream available too. They even have hair dryers, q-tips, and whatnot. My gym is a fancy gym.

I am declaring this on the internet, so all of you can keep tabs on me. I will be going to the gym during the mornings of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from now on. And since it’s almost summer, bikini bod, here I come!

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