Birthdays and BBQ

This weekend was a bit ridiculous. It was birthday-party-night on Friday, so Jen, Miller, and Neal had their birthday shindig at A Bar, which was pretty chill considering it was all-you-can-drink for $500NT. The bar was downstairs, and then upstairs was a lounge place with Karaoke and darts.

These are the boys we hang out with on a regular basis. They all are upstanding good men and all speak English!

Because I had to work Saturday morning, Michael and I decided to leave around 11:30pm and stop by Primo, just for a sec, for his friend’s birthday. I was already dressed for the occasion, and since I’ve never been to Primo (which apparently is one of those clubs where you have to know someone to get in), it was like killing two birds with one stone. The plan was to say hi, meet some people, bounce in 20 minutes, and be home by 12:30.

Yaaah.. I got home around 3am. Woke up five hours later and zombied my way through the day at work. I’m definitely not doing that again anytime soon.

Saturday night was dinner with my aunt and uncle to introduce them to Michael. Michael is a Taiwanese-American boy whom I met through mutual friends here in Taipei. And since my own parents are so far away, this was the way for them to get to know better what’s going on through family here (but my parents have met him through Skype). The dinner went well, and we ended up going back to my uncle’s place to play mah-jong with my cousins until one in the morning.

I definitely overslept Sunday morning, enjoyed the nice weather, cleaned house, and then had dinner at one of the most amazing Japanese BBQ places. The meat was amazing, and it went so well with a very smooth but very expensive Cabernet Sauvignon. But surprisingly, all of the food also went very well with ginger ale (I can’t even remember the last time I had ginger ale). The restaurant was called Da Wan 大腕燒, and it’s at S. DunHua Section 1, Alley 177, No. 22 台北市敦化南路一段177巷22號1樓 (phone 02-27110179). I personally did not take pictures, but I found some that did it justice. If you’re interested, look here or here.

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