E. Coli: Free with Purchase

Fun Fact: I’m not surprised that E. Coli would be more common in a country where night markets and road-side vendors (like people selling meat in the back of a truck in an alley: true story) and the lack of health sanitation requirements are prevalent. Unlike the locals that have eaten that kind of food their entire lives and nonetheless built up some sort of immunity to most strains, I unfortunately have not.

I have been suffering from a urinary tract infection for the past month or so, and it just refuses to go away. I’ve taken three different kinds of oral antibiotics to which, I found out today, my personal strain of E. Coli is resistant. The doctor has now moved me onto antibiotic injections, so now I get to go get shots twice a day for the next five days. Every shot feels like Dwayne Johnson punched me in the arm hard. So after five days, my left arm will probaby be useless.

Word to the Wise: Check out the places you eat at, and try to limit the night market food to once in awhile. Remember the cutting boards. Think of how much stuff has been on them and how often they do not wash them. *shudder* I think after all of this is finally over, my longtime fascination with the night market will be over and done.

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