Change is Good

Iba regresando a los estados unidos este agosto, pero por la economía, me decidió quedarme por otro año más.

I learned this sentence today during my language exchange outing. It says, I was going to return to the United States this August, but because of the economy, I decided to stay for another year.

I was planning on returning this August, but things have changed. Plans have changed, and my life has changed. I plan on getting my master’s in business, and so I will be studying for the GMAT for the next few months and start looking at schools soon. The business schools could be anywhere, from the States to Japan, but that will come in time. I feel that I should maximize on the Asia market right now, and I realized that my fluent English skills here are more valuable than my intermediate Chinese in the US.

I will be back in August for a few weeks and also to attend a wedding. But as for now, Taipei will be home, which means all of you must make a trip out here to visit me.

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