Love Affair

I admit it, I have a love affair with food. Maybe it stems from growing up with a mother who knows her way very well around the kitchen and a father as a chef who is amazing with experimentation and loves making gourmet surprises every now and then. I think a secret personal goal of mine is to one day open a restaurant where my father can be head chef and make fascinating creations for all.

Last night, I went to a cocktail birthday party for a friend of a friend. The birthday boy’s family owns the restaurant, L’Idiot. It was a night filled with sweet champagne, delicious finger foods (I’m definitely going back for a sit-down meal soon!), and social networking. Being one of the youngest people there, I was surrounded by suit-clad career-minded individuals, quiet conversations, and soft lighting. Gatherings like that are something that I didn’t realize I had missed about Vanderbilt until I experienced it again last night.

I met the young owner of L’Idiot, and he shared his experiences as a chef and a new perspective on food and our relationship with it as consumers. And I was taken aback by his zest for life, his endless hobbies, and his creativity with the creations that he makes for the restaurant.

I want a taste of Pierre Gagnaire‘s explosive-tasting strawberry cups. He works with his friend, Hervé This who’s a molecular gastronomist (how cool!) to create some of his works. I hear Pierre has a restaurant in Hong Kong, since Paris is too far from me.

I seriously need to start cooking more.

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