Happy? Valentine’s Day

First time in awhile, I won’t have a valentine this year. My aunt sent me a really nice care package filled with candy and cute cards which I shared with my 2nd graders. I also made them write a poem to someone, but they didn’t seem to enjoy that as much.

In Taiwan, they have three lovers’ days here: February 14, March 14 (also known as White Valentine’s Day [which we call something else back int the States unofficially], when girls get their boyfriends something), and July 7. And you thought Valentine’s Day is too hallmarked and overly commercialized in America?

Fun Fact: When people ask for your MSN here (apparently, everyone else in the world besides America uses Windows Live, and here we are cave-manning away on our AIM accounts), it usually means that they will not call you. In other words, they are really just being polite by trying to obtain contact information of some sort. It also means you will never hear from them again.

One thought on “Happy? Valentine’s Day

  1. Ha, funny that our joke of S&BJ Day here is an actual holiday there. I also approve of your use of nested parentheses!

    Miss you Wuface 🙂

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