Because I Just Had To

Because I’m such a bandwagoner, here are my 25 random things.

25 Random Things
1. I’m a somewhat of a germ freak. I will clean ferociously until I am satisfied that none have survived.

2. I am deathly afraid of cockroaches and any other large insects. Want to make me cry? Just pull one out.

3. I have a polio shot scar on my upper left arm. It’s also known as the Asian mark.

4. My favorite number is 27.

5. My favorite hand in poker is pocket 10’s.

6. I’m a huge stickler for dental hygiene, derived from my years of braces-wearing. I strive to achieve movie-star white teeth.

7. I was in a commercial when I was 6 or 7 years old. I remember what outfit I was wearing, and I remember people telling me that they saw me on TV. I don’t remember seeing the commercial myself.

8. Even though you’re not supposed to, I do have favorites among my students. Funny how they always are the smartest ones in class.

9. I love food and desserts very much. So much so that I can’t go on a diet ever. I would rather run til I die.

10. I was captain of the cross country for two years in high school, but I am not that great of an avid runner.

11. I am completely tone deaf. I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever.

12. I like to own things that are hot pink.

13. I’m a bad pet owner. We had a turtle that we bought at the night market. I stopped taking care of it a week after we got it when I found out that baby turtles carry lots of salmonella. (read: #1) Jen ended up taking care of it, but it still died about a month later.

14. On the other hand, I am completely obsessed with babies. Mixed babies to be exact. Asian and white babies to be even more exact.

15. I’m bossy. It’s true. Get to know me and I’ll mother you to death.

16. Tina is not my legal name. It’s Tzu-Ting. People sometimes feel cheated if I don’t tell them that and they’ve known me for awhile.

17. I speak English and Chinese, I have an intermediate level in Spanish, I can understand Taiwanese and can only speak a little, and I am working on Japanese.

18. I like to read. I have accumulated quite a library since I’ve been in Taiwan that I have no way of getting it home. It’s a shame that I haven’t checked out the public library here yet.

19. I cherish my girlfriends. I get along with boys better, so the girls that get me are very very important to me.

20. I like flowers. Receiving them makes me the happiest.

21. I’ve never broken a bone or gotten stitches. *knock on wood*

22. I won a trip to NYC and a $3000 shopping spree at Sephora during my junior year of college.

23. I’ve never smoked anything, including hookah, or done hard drugs in my life. My body is my temple.

24. I’m not a fan of cold weather. I’d rather be melting than freezing. Tropical islands are where I belong.

25. I’m a stickler for grammar and punctuation rules. It stems from being a perfectionist.

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