Kenting 墾丁

I’m back and tanned! Kenting was AMAZING. The weather was so nice, the beaches so sandy, and the water so blue and warm.

It took an hour and a half by high-speed rail to Kaohsiung, and then we rented a car when we got there, and it took about an hour to drive to Kenting. We stayed in a nice hotel about 20 minutes from the tourist central.

We got there around noon Monday, so we had lunch and then we went to see the Eluanbi Lighthouse, walked around there, hiked the trails, saw the ocean up close and the tidepools. Then we hit the night market and ate our fill of seafood. The next day, it was cloudy at first, but then the sun appeared, and it was gorgeous. We went to three different beaches and went hiking up mountains in Kenting National Park.


  • Beautiful weather

  • Getting a tattoo

    … that stays for 7-10 days

  • Swinging on vines

  • Hiking up mountains

I miss the beach already, but most importantly…
For more pictures, go here.

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