Today we had science day in my 5th grade class. We talked about matter and mass and volume for about an hour, and then I let them loose to work on the chapter assessment in groups.

Five minutes into it..

Edison: “Teacher, what is mass?”

“Look in the book, Edison. We just talked about it.”

Edison: “But Teacher, I don’t know what it is.”

Then Louis turns around and tells Edison, trying really hard to keep a straight face, ” ‘Mass’ is when you take 5 minus 2 and that equals 3.”

(If you didn’t get it, Mass=Math. Asians sometimes pronounce -th like -s. And Louis acknowledged that and made a funny.)

I couldn’t keep a straight face. I lost it for about five minutes.

Maybe you had to be there.

I also taught them what a “fart” is when trying to explain how gas diffuses in a room.

In other news, this is my life every morning. Ah, the glory of not having to be at work until 1pm.

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