The kindergartner boys run around during break, yelling and wrestling with each other or with the male teachers. Yesterday, they were attempting to kancho Teacher Brian while we were having a conversation. Poor Brian, he was trying to fight off three of them while I was just trying not to get in the middle of it. But then, I sympathized and had to help cause they were going to break the copier anyway.

I intervened, “Ok guys, enough! Let’s go, leave Teacher Brian alone!”

Uh-oh. They noticed me and started heading my way with their hands poised and ready.

I hurriedly grabbed two, sat them down (sitting is crucial, then they can’t reach their goal), and said very solemnly, “Do you know what happens when boys do that to girls?” (I actually had no answer. Trying to rapidly think of one.)

“The girls DIE! Ha Ha!” yelled Amos. (Thank you Amos.)

“No, actually, the boys die.” I replied, a little bit too seriously.

Their faces immediately change, contemplative, “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

They thought about it for half a second, and then they went running to find Teacher Brian again.

Did I traumatize them?

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