Harry Potter Book 8?

I lost my voice today, so for the second-graders, I told them to write me a story. It could be real or make-believe, and it had to be 12 sentences. 12. (They made a big deal out of that.) But it kept them quietly occupied for an hour.

There was a story written today that I absolutely had to share. You’ll get the most out of it if you’re familiar with the Harry Potter stories. My favorite part is in bold.

Harry Potter Eight
Harry Potter doesn’t have friends in Hogwarts.
So Hermione and Ron make friends with him.
And then he finds Sirius Black.
Harry makes him a godfather.
And then Voldemort kills Sirius Black.
And then Harry Potter kills Voldemort.
So Hermione kisses Harry Potter.
Hermione hugs Harry Potter.
And hugs Sirius Black.
And loves both of them.
But not Ron.
So Hermione kicks Ron’s bottom.

Oh man. I laughed about this all day. Can you guess who the author is?

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