Productive Day

Things Accomplished Today
Taught one class of second-graders.

Bought a heater. Now we won’t freeze to death in our own home.

Bought 3 books:
The Portrait of a Lady
by Henry James
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers by Xiaolu Guo
(No, it’s not a real dictionary. It’s a fiction book written in Engrish about a Chinese girl living in London, trying to learn English and meeting an older Englishman.)

Bought Wang Lee-Hom’s new album. I love him. And always will. Regardless of the rumors. (Look at him yourself, how do you NOT want to marry him?)

Got a shoulder and foot massage, which was recommended by Jen’s boss for the past month. Basically subjected ourselves to torture for $500. It’s supposed to hurt because the shoulders holds all the stress and the feet contain all the points connected to the rest of the body, so the harder they push, the better it is for the organs. (Oh, eastern medicine. It’s magical but very painful.) But afterwards, we’re supposed to have more energy, better blood circulation, and our feet feel lighter. I believe it. I’m tempted to try the full body one, just to see how much pain I can endure. Pain is beauty, right?

Finished my template. Header was created by Jen. (Isn’t she art-tastic?)

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