Happy New Year!

Our new year was pretty amazing. We saw the fireworks of Taipei 101 from our rooftop, and the fireworks from the Living Mall, which is also right next door.

Then we went and checked out the nightlife, and there was traffic everywhere! We took a couple of very pointless taxi rides where we just ended up getting out a block later and just walking the rest of the way. This picture is of Civil Boulevard in front of our apartment because we have a really good view of Taipei 101. Traffic was at a standstill about 10 minutes before midnight, and people just got out of their cars and were standing in the streets, waiting for the fireworks to start. And then when it was all over, there was a major exodus of people leaving. It was pretty ridiculous how many people just kept coming around the corner.

P.S. My new year’s resolution is to get back into shape since I’ve forsaken the gym the past month due to work and visits. I will utilize my gym membership until I leave Taiwan.

Happy New Year from Taipei!

Love, Jen & Tina

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