Christmas Show

I’ve been busy with the school’s Christmas Show. We finally had it on Saturday. The theme was “Learning English with Movies”, so my 2nd graders sang “Born to Be Wild” from the movie Herbie Fully Loaded and my 5th graders “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical 2. Some of my second graders were also in a Kung Fu Panda sketch, acting out scenes from the movie. That’s Riley being Master Shifu, or rather, just a mouse, and the rest of the cast below.

Practicing for this show took about a month, and it was long and arduous. My 2nd graders really weren’t that bad (pictured below), but my 5th graders were too cool for school and refused to sing or dance properly. At least they made some sort of effort on stage. We didn’t get extra time to practice so we had to practice during our classtime which put us a bit behind the curriculum. My 2nd graders also have been particularly naughty, especially a select few, and I’ve almost all but lost it many times this past month.

But then, sometimes, I get nice surprises like this when I grade homework, and I get all fuzzy inside. Hey, at least I’m getting through to some of them, right? Ann already is one of my favorite and best students. Need I say more?
“Dear Teacher Tina,

I think you are special because you are my teacher and you teach me a lot of things. You are a good teacher. I am glad we are friends because you help us to know the words that we need to know.

Your Friend,

4 thoughts on “Christmas Show

  1. the picture at the top of tbe blog is awesome – i really like how this looks. so please please don’t lose it, and keep writiing! tell those kids i’ll crack the whip when zhou and i pass nearby that part of the world next year. however i will not teach them to sing and dance.

    ps – are blogspot blogs easy to keep up and use? i’m thinking i’ll link the wedding website (when it’s up) to a blog for traveling.

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