Cows and Elephants

I work and work and work. Then suddenly, a week has gone by. It is already the end of my one-day weekend, and tomorrow it will be Monday again.

Saturday night can be summed up in one picture.

Beer and Dice

We’re at a place called Duke, and it’s a small bar with a very homey feeling. It’s almost one of those places where we walk in and say hi to everyone there. We go there to sit, drink beer, and just talk. Heineken is usually the beer of choice. The dice are used in a game called “Blow Cow” (literal translation from Chinese), or Bullsh*t.

How to play:
There are five dice in each of those cups. You shake it up and secretly look at the numbers you have. Between two players, there’s ten dice, so you try to guess how many of a number there are between the two of you, like three 5’s or four 6’s. You have to one-up the number each time, so if your opponent says two 3’s, you have to say two 4’s or three 3’s. One’s can be wild, unless they’re called out first, then they don’t count. If you think your opponent is bluffing and there really isn’t that many 6’s on the table, then call it, and loser drinks. You can play with as many people as you want, but the more people, the more dice, the harder the math.

Fun Fact: All the drinking games here involve math somehow. If you can’t do arithmetic, you will be passed out on the floor within the hour of playing drinking games with Taiwanese people.

Sunday, we went to the zoo. The Taipei Zoo is quite big, and it was lots of fun. Unfortunately, the Maokong Gondolas got shut down as a result of the typhoons and landslides, otherwise, that’s usually part of the zoo adventure.

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