Teacher, Pah-ty Today?

We have English Activity Day once a month in response to encourage the kids to do well and utilize the point system so they will behave in class. It usually consists of some sort of activity such as watching a movie or playing board games, and it’s also the one day when they can eat and drink in class.

Today, in second grade, we decorated Santa hats with their names with glue and glitter. I had their hats on newspaper spread out all over the classroom tables, and then a different area for the chips and snacks. They would write their names in glue on the hats, then dump a gallon of glitter on top, spread it around with their fingers, and then walk over and grab a handful of chips. I would be too preoccupied trying to juggle glue, glitter caps, and making sure that no one got stuff on their clothes to catch them all the time. I would go tell them to wash their hands after gluing and before they eat, but they would just wave me away, saying, “Teacher, it’s okaaaay.” My second graders will be pooping glitter for a week.

Then, in fifth grade, I let them play Uno and Chomp in class. I ended up getting in on Chomp, and when a Chinese teacher walked in to talk to a student, I felt like a little kid getting caught for having too much fun. See, I can be a “cool” teacher. That way, it’s easier when I have to pull out the strict-Asian-mom face because they know I can go both ways. And since my fifth grade class consists of mostly boys, I walk a very fine line of earning their respect and getting them to listen to me, especially when some of them are already taller than me.

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