The Last of the Celebrations

Yesterday, we went to my boss’ house for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was amazing. There was a real turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberries, and even macaroni and cheese! It was so good, and the house was filled with kids. I’m around kids all day, but these were babies and toddlers and they are so much cuter at that age when they hit you with things.

Then last night, we had my “official” birthday celebration at Plush, which is on the 12th floor of the Living Mall. We reserved a table, and a bunch of people showed up. There was plenty to drink, and the club gave me really cool electric dice shakers as birthday presents and a bottle of champagne. Dan even got me a birthday cake with a candle and everything.

I have to say, my first birthday celebration(s) in Taiwan were surrounded by friends and fun. They definitely know how to party it up here.

One thought on “The Last of the Celebrations

  1. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for ‘following’ my blog and reading. I’m glad you got good turkey food in Taipei! I’m missing/wishing I could shop the black friday sales too. hahha. 🙂

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