I went out last night because I didn’t want to be home when midnight struck on my birthday. I went to Babe 18, also to scope it out for a legit Saturday night place celebration. I stayed out way too late, so it’s definitely a good thing I didn’t have to be at work until 2:45pm.

Jen & I had a lovely thanksgiving dinner ordered from Far Estern hotel. Mashed potatoes and gravy, honey baked ham, and pumpkin pie never tasted so good. My aunt came over and had dinner with us, and then Jen&I were off to Brian’s place for an after-meal get-together.

Let me introduce the boys. Brian, a fellow teacher at my school introduced Jen & I to his friend Dan. Dan & Brian then slowly introduced us to their league basketball team, and now they’re all officially dubbed “The Boys”. We have dinner together, we go to their basketball game, we go out to night markets, clubbing, etc. I can safely say that they’re the closest friends that Jen&I got right now, and it’s not a bad bunch. Usually, when meeting new people, the problem lies in that if we meet people that are only Taiwanese, then they only speak Chinese and Jen feels left out. Or they’re a bunch of Americans, and we just don’t quite get along. But now, “The Boys” consist of Americans, Taiwanese-Americans, and Taiwanese who can all speak English, and everyone pretty much shares similar interests. We always have a good time hanging out with them.

So sitting at Brian’s place tonight, surrounded by them singing Happy Birthday to me made me feel like that i finally belonged somewhere now. I don’t think there was anywhere else I’d rather be here in Taiwan.

I’m thankful for many things, but the most important thing I’m thankful for this year is my relationships. If it weren’t for family, we wouldn’t have settled here in Taiwan so easily. If it weren’t for jud, i wouldn’t have somone to talk to about my troubles. If it weren’t for constant contact with friends, the transition would have been much harder and much lonlier. If it weren’t for meeting new friends, our life here now would not be as fulfilling.

Happy Thanskgiving!

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