Friends, Anyone?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Jen&I have plans for ourselves with a big feast. There are also a few Thanksgiving gatherings of co-workers that I have been invited to, which should keep us busy.

I also have a birthday coming up, and as much as I would like to celebrate it in at true Taiwanese style, I really don’t know how. The one thing that I’ve been a bit wary about is trying to figure out who would I celebrate it with. We’ve been here three and a half months, and we’ve gone through the cycle of meeting new people and trying to find the perfect mezcla to fit in with. I had forgotten how hard it was to make new friends. I remember freshmen year in college, it took me past fall break to really start making friends with the people in my dorm. I guess it just takes me longer than most people, although I do consider myself to be a rather outgoing person. It’s much harder in the real world and in a completely foreign country, because there are no longer classes or clubs with multitudes of different people to pick from with a readily-made conversation about the shared similar interests.

On another note, Starbucks has their red cups out, and you know that means that Christmas is near. The malls have fantastic Christmas decorations already up, and it makes it feel a bit more like home. It will be strange celebrating the holidays away from close friends and family, but at least the acknowledgment of Christmas makes it feel a bit more familiar.

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