Happy Halloween

I finished the entire series of Friends last night. Jud got me the entire set as a graduation gift, and I started from the very beginning about a week before I left for Taiwan. Averaging about 2-3 episodes a day, I watched the series finale last night. It was a bit sad, due to the ending and the fact that this has been a part of me since August. It got to the point where I was talking about Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler as if they were real people. It’s probably a good thing that I’ve stopped, and now I can get out more.

I’m now being referred to as 阿姨 A-Yi (Aunt), instead of 姊姊 Jie-Jie (older sister) by women with toddlers and babies. It kinda hurts because it makes me feel really old. I call my mom’s friends A-Yi because they’re around her age. So, when mothers refer to me as A-Yi to their toddlers and younger, it’s like saying I’m around their age and should be having children of my own soon or something. Weird.

One of my second-graders has chicken pox. I haven’t heard about that disease since the 90’s. Anyways, today is Halloween, and since I have to work all day so I didn’t get to celebrate it much. However, I let my second-graders have English Activity Day and make masks out of paper plates.

From left to right: Ivy, Brenda (not looking at the camera), Ann, Riley
Ann, who would not let me take a picture of her hid behind her fabulous mask

Ivy and RileyRiley and I (Don’t you love the little goatee on his mask?)

And this is James, who drives me crazy with his daydreaming and the not-paying-attention

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Maybe Ai-Yi is a sign of respect… you are now a working woman after all!

    Stop worrying about what other people are saying! You are too self conscious.

    You are perfect just the way you are.

  2. nice photos, these kids are cute. i like the one of you and Riley. i’m impressed you have held off the urge to steal any of them. lol.

  3. believe me, i’ve been tempted. james has an adorable younger brother who is in kindergarten there, and HIM i want to steal. 🙂

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