I’ll Show Them

Fun Fact: All the time here is in military time. Man, I’ll never get away from doing math constantly.

My second graders have been getting wilder and wilder. I’ve now employed the counting-to-3 method when they are running around and being wild. I also made everyone copy a story out of their textbook today because they were being really bad. It was quiet bliss for five minutes. Then I felt really bad and gave in and let them play Wheel of Fortune for the rest of class.

The other day, I was eating a bag of skittles before my 5th grade class. It got too sweet, so I gave the rest to John to share with the other kids in the class. John assumed that I was giving them the rest because I was scared of getting fat. The next day, I had a bag of dark M&Ms (which, by the way, are really good), and John saw me with them and said, “Teacher, give that to me or you will be fat.” Great, how thoughtful.

I tutor for these relatives of mine on Tuesdays, and Jennifer goes on Thursdays. We usually show up around 7pm, eat dinner, and then start the two-hour session. Anyways, last week’s chapter was on adjectives and describing people. So when Jennifer tutored last time, she asked them to describe me. They described me as fat. And then, today during dinner, they asked me if I wanted more rice when I was done with my bowl, and I replied, no thanks, I’m full. And the dad said, “Oh, is it because you’re afraid of getting fat?”

Ok, seriously? WHY the constant barrage of fat comments? And it’s not like people are subtle here or anything. If there’s something wrong with you, they will let you know there is something wrong. It doesn’t matter if they don’t even know you. They’ll just say it to you in passing. “Hi, nice to meet you. Oh my, you have a lot of acne.” “Hello, how are you? Gee, aren’t you a bit chubby.”

But I swear, the next person to even mention something about my perfectly normal weight and size to me will fully realize that hell hath no fury like this woman who’s seriously had enough with the fat comments.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Show Them

  1. 24-hour time is nice, though. There’s no ambiguity as to whether you mean AM or PM.

    I’d imagine it’s less useful in actual conversation, though, since you’d just prefix it (in Mandarin) with ‘morning’ or ‘afternoon’.

    It’s not like you can’t just look outside and check the level of darkness and guess with a fair bit of accuracy as to whether it’s day or night.

    It does take a little bit to adjust to 24-hour time, though. But adding/subtracting 2 isn’t that hard. =)

  2. Oh yeah. So when people ask you if you’ve gotten skinnier/lost weight, what they’re really saying is “I thought you were fatter”. Or at least they remembered you that way.

    I know it doesn’t help, and it’s not even what you’re experiencing, but it’s a funny way of looking at the ‘polite speak’.

  3. hi! thanks for reading my blog and ‘following’ it! I just had to pitch in because your post is just too true.. *SIGH* unfortunately, there is just no end to the “size” comments from relatives, strangers… it’s impossible to let it NOT get to you, but it’s ridiculous to try to even compare ourselves from the US to the stick skinny girls here. i could tell you hours of stories of “size” or a bit too blunt strangers comments.

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