Politics and BBQ

We went to the Miniature Art Museum yesterday. On the bus ride there, we see a huge parade, blocking off half of the city, of people carrying banners, flags, and giant protest signs.

The flags say, “Yes! Taiwan, No! China” With my super observation skills, I deducted it was a big protest against using products from China due to the recent food scares. Here’s the real story. Apparently, some of the Taiwanese people are not happy about the current president encouraging relations between the two countries. The feud between Taiwan and China will always go on. It seems like you can’t get away from political drama wherever you go. Every country has their own problems.

As for my one and only political declaration: Go OBAMA!

I’ve already sent in my absentee ballot, so I’ve done my patriotic duty abroad. If I can do it from Taiwan, then you can go vote on November 4th if you’re in the U.S. Please make the country a place I can proudly and confidently return to next August.

After the trip to the tiny museum of tiny things with our new friend, Andrew, we had all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ which was amazing. You pay $399 for a two-hour limit of all the meat, vegetables, ice cream, and sodas you want. It’s going on the list of things to eat when we’re starving and have lots of dinner time to kill. We also met another Andrew, Andrew’s roommate; Alberto, a freshmen studying in Taiwan from El Salvador (I finally got the chance to practice/remember some of my Spanish!); and Steven, a sophomore in college from Thailand. It was totally international night last night.

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