To Be (Fat) or Not To Be

We found an amazing hole-in-the-wall place called La Casita that has really good Mexican food and perfectly balanced margaritas. We went on Saturday night, and there was no one there, so we had the whole ten-table place to ourselves. I got a Mexican pizza because I’ve been craving the one from Taco Bell. This was nothing like Taco Bell’s, but it was heavenly. The owner kept talking to us throughout our meal, explaining that her food was really good, as well as everything else there, because she’s spent 20 years perfecting it. But it was really worth the experience.

We went and watched the House Bunny last night. It was incredibly cheesy, but I thought it was cute and it made me miss college a lot.

Fun Fact: All the kids’ school uniforms here have numbers on them, kind of like prison uniforms.

Not-So-Fun Fact: I’m 5’4″, 120-125 lbs, which is about the average healthy weight for women, right? The average Taiwanese girl here is about 5’2″ and weighs about 100 lbs. The girls here are ultra-thin and ultra-pale. No one exercises here so the majority of them have no toneness nor curves, just a lot of thinness.

Well, here in Taiwan compared to the other girls, apparently I’m a gigantic walrus with a tan. I’ve already gotten the fat comment one too many times, especially from my relatives. Now, all my horrible childhood memories of my mother calling me fat are resurfacing. I totally understand where she gets it now.

I got asked directions three times today by three completely different people. I don’t know where I am half the time, much less be able to give directions. If I look like such an outsider here, then why do people keep insisting on asking me these things?

2 thoughts on “To Be (Fat) or Not To Be

  1. omgggg tina i know eeeexactly what you mean! last time i was in china my grandparents were like, “wow, you eat a lot. i thought you didn’t eat that much. when did you start eating so much?” it was so embarassing… im pretty sure i stopped eating right then, lol

    screw those too-skinny, no-life, anorexic taiwanese girls who can’t enjoy a good meal. really low BMI is not any better than really high BMI and that fitness is a better predictor of longevity and overall health than weight alone.

    oh oh and did you know that china/taiwan has the HIGHEST rates of hyptertension (high blood pressure) and hypertension-related diseases (heart disease, stroke, etc)in the WORLD (well, maybe with the exception of japan)? yes, higher than the states even. because all those skinny bitches’ diets SUCK and no exercise = lack of health!!!!!

    so in conclusion, please enjoy all the wonderously good food taiwan has to offer. 🙂 i envy it all!!!!

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