Is That You, Lil Jon?

Last night, we went to Luxy again because it was their 5th anniversary party, and Lil Jon was slotted to perform.

Knowing people who know people, we were able to reserve a table at the very last minute. We got there at 11pm and didn’t have to pay cover which would have been $700NT ($21 USD). The place was packed, and after 11:30pm, there was a 30 to 45-minute wait just to get inside. Since our table was upstairs and tucked away into a quiet corner, we were a bit detached from the crowds and the stage. At one point, going down the stairs, we see this on stage:
I was a bit excited because I actually got to see the performer on stage this time and even was able to take a picture. Last time, we were there when Lumidee was supposed to perform, and I totally missed it. So this time around, good job Tina.

But, wait.

If you look at the picture really hard again, you’ll quickly realize it’s not Lil Jon. I’ve seen Lil Jon in concert during Vandy’s Rites of Spring.. and that’s not him at all. Turns out this trio was on stage BEFORE Lil Jon actually came on, and I had completely missed it again.

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